Switchboard equipment
Read more Mast type complete transformer substations KTPM-25 ... 250/6 (10) / 0,4-U1
The complete transformer substation of the mast execution of outdoor installation with a capacity of 25-250 kVA type KTPM 25 … 250/6 (10) / 0.4 is designed to receive electrical energy of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz and a rated voltage of 6 or 10 kV, conversion 0.4 kV nominal voltage in electricity and its distribution for the supply of industrial, agricultural and municipal facilities in radial distribution networks. The main parts of the mast complete transformer substation KTPM: Reinforced concrete supports with a platform for installation of a substation Power transformer TM or TMG Switchgear on the high voltage side Switchgear from the low voltage side
Read more Kiosk type complete transformer substations KTPK-25 ... 630/6 (10) / 0,4-U1
Kiosk type complete transformer substations are outdoor transformer substations in a “kiosk” type metal case designed for receiving electrical energy of three-phase alternating current 50 Hz frequency of 6 or 10 kV, conversion into electricity 380 V and power supply of settlements, public, industrial and residential buildings. Kiosk type complete transformer substation is a steel welded case consisting of: high voltage device compartment power transformer compartment low voltage switchgear compartment
Read more Block type complete transformer substations BKTP-160… 2500/6 (10) / 0,4-U1
The block (modular) type transformer substations of the BKTP type are intended for receiving, transit (if the substation is of the through type) electrical energy of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz and voltage of 10 (6) kV, converting it into a voltage of 0.4 kV and distribution among consumers. BKTP can be used in urban, industrial and rural electrical networks with insulated neutral (6 (10) kV) and deaf-grounded or insulated neutral in the low voltage network (0.4 kV). Currently, BKTP are replacing transformer substations, being built directly on the object. Their use allows you to significantly simplify and consequently speed up the installation of equipment, reduce delivery times, due to the fact that BKTP are products of maximum factory readiness, and reduced dimensions of substations are the best solution in a dense urban area. Substation Features: One / two / three / four transformers in substation. Cable / air input - output. Transient or dead-end type. Insulated (as required by the customer). With ventilation and fire alarms (as required by the customer).
Read more Switchboard panels ShchO-90, ShchO-70, up to 1kV
The switchboard panels ShchO-90 are designed to receive and distribute the electrical energy of a three-phase current with a frequency of 50 Hz at a voltage of 0.66 Kv and protect outgoing lines from overloading and short-circuit currents. Boards are completed from panels and serviced from the front side. With a two-row arrangement of the panels, the switchboard is equipped with a bus bridge. The distance between the facades of the panels is 1500 or 2000 mm. Climatic performance - U3 according to GOST 15150-69. The degree of protection of panels in accordance with GOST 14254-96, the first digit in the designation of the scheme. for open execution - IP00, from the side of the IP20 facade. for closed execution - IP20, from the bottom of the IP00.
Read more Cells of unilateral service KSO 210, 298, 393, 393B
CSO is a one-way maintenance cell designed for operation in electrical installations of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 and 60 Hz with a voltage of 6 and 10 kV for a system with a neutral insulated or grounded through an arc suppressor. From the KSO cells, switchgears are assembled to receive and distribute electricity. The principle of operation is determined by a set of schemes of the main and auxiliary circuits of cameras. Climatic version of the U and T, the category of location 3 according to GOST 15150. The KSO series includes various types of cells design, differing from each other in design, purpose, and used hardware.