Current transformers TFZM 35-500kV

Current transformers oil-filled series TFZM are designed for transmitting the measurement information signal to measuring, protection, automation, signaling and control devices in 50 Hz or 60 Hz alternating current electric circuits. They are produced for nominal primary current from 15 to 2000 A, secondary – 1; 5 A.

External insulation of transformers – porcelain cover. The main internal insulation of transformers is polymer. The windings of the transformer are of the link type. The number of secondary windings from two to five, of which up to 2 measuring windings and up to 4 windings of protection. The accuracy class of the measuring winding is from 0.2S to 0.5; winding protection 10P. The coefficient of ultimate accuracy of the windings of the protection is 20. The coefficient of safety of the devices is 10. 

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